You can check the club room's door and light status from our Member channels by typing commands !ovi and !valo. The opening hours of the club room can also be deduced from this graph: Two day graph.

The board of the club may grant access rights to members on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements for requesting access rights

  1. The member must be reliable and responsible.
  2. The member must be known in the club and amongst the board of the club (we should be able to recognise your name and face).
  3. The member must have a valid reason for requesting access to the club room (e.g. electronics project/s).
  4. The member must be familiar enough with the club's operating procedures to be able to:
    • Introduce the club to outsiders
    • Close the club, i.e. ask members without access rights to leave if they are leaving as the last person with access rights


  • If you have lost your access rights, don't be surprised. The university occasionally removes access rights due to policy.
  • Ensure that you have paid the membership fee.
  • Ensure that you fulfil the above requirements.
  • Apply for the access rights by contacting the chair of the board via IRC or email. Your application must contain:
    1. Your full name (including all given names)
    2. Student number (staff number for staff)
    3. IRC or Telegram nick
    4. Explanation on why you need the access rights
  • Remember that access rights to TELOK are not a basic right, and applications are not always accepted.
  • Even if you don't have your own access rights, you can check whether the club room is open and ask someone to open it for you in the member channels.
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