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1. Clean up your mess

Desk surfaces are kept clean. Return anything you use to its place. If you don't know where something belongs, return it to where you found it.
If you have to step away from your project for up to an hour, you may leave it on the desk as long as no one else is waiting to use it. If you leave something on the desk without notifying anyone, it may be thrown away.
Do not leave any boxes open, or anything else in a state where it may cause a dangerous situation.
The sofa is intended for seating, not for storing things.

Pay particular attention to cleaning up if you are working with wood or metal. REMEMBER to turn off the devices when you are finished or leaving.

Dirty dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher. If there are clean dishes in the dishwasher, empty it.

2. Do not burden the club with your junk

TELOK is no one's personal junk storage. You must have permission from the board to store anything in the long term. Stored items must have your contact details and the date of storage. No one is responsible for keeping unmarked projects around.

3. Don't be dumb

TELOK is not a kindergarten nor a morgue. Figure out what you're doing before you start and ask if you need help. We're happy to help, but we're not going to do it for you. Any tools using grid power must not be used without training, contact the board if you need help.
If you don't know how to use something or what something is, DON'T TOUCH IT.

4. Be a good member

You're free to drink coffee, but remember that the coffee is not a given. If you drink coffee, consider leaving some cash in the food till or bring a packet of coffee when we're running out.

The club operates on voluntary basis. Don't expect someone else to take care of things. If something breaks or you notice some other problem, contact the board via the member channels or email.

Don't disturb other people. Drinking alcohol and chatting are not the club's foremost priorities. Be mindful of other people when using machines and tools which create noise/smell/trash.

If you borrow something for longer than an hour, mark it in the borrowing notebook.

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